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Louis Center for children with special needs Seremban, N.S. Malaysia

How Louis Center started!

A good education for your children is essential these days. As most children can conform and adapt to regular schools there are children who cannot. Finding out as a parent that there is something different with your child is a shock; dreams and expectations you would have for your child might not come true and it takes a great emotional adjustment to look for another option for your child. Having a child who requires a different approach in learning does not mean that he/she is not intelligent. Their brains are just wired differently and the challenge is to find out how a child can acquire knowledge and live to his/her fullest potential.

As a mother of 2 and principal of Louis Center I am very proud to present to you; Louis center for children with special needs.

Working with children and their education has always been my interest. However, found myself completing a Degree in Business instead. After working in that line for a while the job satisfaction was not there for me. Since teaching is in my blood (my father is a retired secondary school teacher, teaching English), decided to follow my inclination and pursued a Degree in Education. During my period as a teacher my observation was that certain children were always backward and found great difficulty in acquiring knowledge. Started researching the field of special children and realized that these children needed a completely different approach in the teaching and learning process. My passion took over in this area and decided to further my education in special education and completed a Diploma in Learning Disorders & Language Development and a Diploma in Child Psychology & Counseling.

After working in a special education center in Kuala Lumpur for some time, life brought me and my children back to Seremban, the place of my birth. Here, the opportunity arose for me to give one-on-one therapy to children with special needs. Eventually the parents of the children started urging me to open a full time school. Thanks to the inspiration the children in the one-on-one sessions gave me and with the constant support and help of the children’s parents, it gave me the opportunity to establish Louis center for children with special needs in January 2010.

Louis center is a one-stop center where the children receive various intervention therapies under one roof. Our main focus in Louis center is to create a loving safe and home-like environment where a child can reach his or her full potential in all areas of his or her life, from academic and social skills to living skills.

As the principal of Louis center I am very grateful that over time a team of therapists/teachers who share the same passion as me have helped build this center into what it is today; all striving to find the right approach for each individual student and acknowledging every small and big step the students make in reaching their potential.

Working with children with special needs is a day to day adventure that gives us unexpected surprises, lots of joy and giggles and it brings out the best in us.

Louis Center Seremban, N.S. Malaysia Phone 06 631 6971


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