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What is Hydrotherapy / Aquatherapy? ( call 06 630 3708 for an appointment)


By supporting, rocking and moving the whole body while stretching an arm or a leg, aqua therapy lessens the resistance even when a limb is worked on in isolation. Without pain, the body can be moved beyond limitations experienced outside of water and the restricted body is shown new possibilities of freedom.

Aqua therapy is used in children with:
~ Cerebral palsy
~ Autism
~ Abnormal gait pattern
~ Decreased muscle strength
~ Poor co-ordination
~ Poor balance
~ Poor motivation/ depression
~ Down Syndrome
~ Neurological conditions with high or low muscle tone

Benefits of Hydrotherapy/Aquatherapy:
-The buoyancy of the water supports the weight of the child and allows him/her to move in ways that would be impossible on land.
-Physical Therapists insist the pool relaxes muscles and reduces the force of stress placed on the joints. This, in turn, makes it easier to work and strengthen muscles.
-Reducing soreness, pain and fatigue
-Removes excess pressure on nerves.
-Desensitizes hypersensitive children, in the long run makes them easier to handle.
- Sensory Integration-Hydrostatic pressure provides extra cutaneous (skin/tactile sensation) stimulation as well as proprioceptive
(awareness of joint position) information.
-Splashing in the water and surrounding sounds of voices, heartbeat and breathing stimulates hearing.
-Placing toys in the water surface aids in visual perceptual skills (i.e. judging size, shape distance)
-Warmth hydrostatic pressure and buoyancy of the water acts as a form of resistance to ataxi and involuntary movements,reducing unwanted movements.
-In cases of hypotonia (low tone), the constant movement of the water and the reduced effect of gravity can increase tone.
-Buoyancy of the water decreases the body weight- easier to move a limb in a functional manner, requires less muscle power and tone.
-Water supports the body evenly; all parts of the body especially the spine can relax.
-It is fun! Children associate swimming with fun, play or relaxing therefore they would not easily see it as a therapy session.
Hydrotherapy/Aquatherapy in Louis Center is done in a spa pool with warm water (37degrees) and option for bubbles.
Sessions are one to one with a trained therapist and last one hour.“In water the body _nds the freedom for movement, especially
for special needs children”


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